Alexander Kristoff considers retirement: "I have to be at an appropriate level"

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Alexander Kristoff considers retirement: "I have to be at an appropriate level"

Alexander Kristoff had a disappointing season and obviously not happy with the outcome. Kristoff missed out on a Grand Tour after a long time and that’s a frustrating fact for him He still doesn't know when he will end his career, and he believes that the level he is at will be a major factor in his decision "It depends on how things go this year," Kristoff told Norwegian station TV2 as quoted by cycling news "I envision continuing for several years but I have to be at an appropriate level.

Last year wasn't good enough. I feel the motivation is there to do the job for another couple of years. I'm not struggling with motivation. There's more to having fun. "The most important thing is to start winning some races again and pick up more points."

He was also unlucky with the Classics campaign last year because he got flu, then there were sudden changes in form during the season "I got the flu before the Classics last year and it ruined a little bit, but I was in good shape again in the fall.

But I wasn't quite at the level I've been before."

Kristoff is positive

Intermarché 'does not seem to be the team it used to be, but Kristoff has only a positive opinion and expects the best results in the team.

"I think it works well," he said. "Sports director Valerio Piva, whom I know from the Katusha era, is very well organized. There are things in order. And sports director Aike Visbeek, who was previously in Sunweb, is a very structured type.

There is a good plan for things and the equipment, so I am very happy so far." Piva, the team director, obviously has a lot of confidence in the veteran team; Kristoff, but also in young guys who should learn from the more experienced.

He believes that Kristoff can be competitive and expects only the best from him. "A Kristoff in good condition and supported by a group of riders in the finale can still have his say." "The youth and freshness of those two is to their advantage at this point in time but in the big Monuments it’s often experience that makes the difference.

I believe Kristoff can be up there and competitive against them," Piva said. The question is though whether Kristoff can show his old shape or whether aging is the main culprit for the decline of shape. We'll find out soon enough