Thibaut Pinot wants Giro d'Italia pink jersey

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Thibaut Pinot wants Giro d'Italia pink jersey

Thibaut Pinot could return to the Giro after several years of non-participation. Pinot hopes to wear pink at the Giro, and by all accounts that is his goal. "I checked off: being the French champion, winning stages in the three Grand Tours, winning Il Lombardia...

wearing the Giro d'Italia pink jersey is the only thing I'm missing," Pinot said from Groupama-FDJ's start-of-year team camp in the Canary Islands, as quoted by cyclingnews "For me, the yellow jersey is...

how can I put it? I stay in the real world. The Tour de France yellow jersey has always been, for me as a kid, something too big. So, I have always dreamed of wearing the pink jersey." Due to the injury he has suffered since 2020, he was not on the Grand Tours, and now he has a huge motivation to prove himself.

"We're waiting to hurt the others again," Pinot said. "I've got a lot of frustration about this – not being able to exploit what I've got under the bonnet over the last two years. I want to give emotions to the people who support me.

I want to give them pleasure in the coming years, especially this year."

Pinot training

He compared trainings 10 years ago and now and says there is a huge difference "Training is no longer the focus of this camp," he said.

"Cycling has changed and I have to get used to it. There are many more things in cycling than there were 10 years ago, extras like social networks. When I started out it was more fun and enjoyable. "It's not the same atmosphere at all.

We were always serious in training, but we laughed a lot with it. Today the training is even more serious and we laugh a lot less." In addition to cycling, his great love is farms and animals, and he obviously plans to do so after the end of his career.

"I'm fortunate to have a life away from cycling which is very rich and involved with my farm," he said. "Some people cycle for five hours and then sit on the sofa or under the duvet and wait for the evening meal.

I don't do that. "I take out manure, feed my animals. It takes me two or three hours a day. After cycling, I'd like to build an educational farm with a bed-and-breakfast and make honey and jam. I have quite a few fruit trees already. That's my thing." Thibaut Pinot has big plans.