Brailsford has been criticized for the roster on France de Tour

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Brailsford has been criticized for the roster on France de Tour

Dave Brailsford has been criticized for choosing the Tour de France team. Bradley Wiggins initially backed Brailsford but now thinks he would get fired if this happened in football
"It’s hard to stay on top every year and this year they’ve just not got it right.

I don’t know what’s happened there. For a team that’s performance orientated and such planning that goes into their seasons, it’s just not worked for them for one reason or another. Had it been football, Dave Brailsford would be out,” Wiggins said, as quoted by cyclingnews "That’s how football works but Dave has been here before and they’ll restructure and re-plan and come back next year with a full line-up.

With the world going back to normal, that will help”. Brailsford responded to Bradley's criticism in an interesting way "Listen, I like Bradley. He was brilliant for us. He’s entitled to his opinion but I would never judge myself by someone else’s narrative.

He’s on telly, he’s a pundit. I’ll judge myself by looking in the mirror and making my own decisions, and listen to the people around me that I trust. He’s a funny guy but I’m not concerned with what Bradley thinks”.

Egan is injured

Brailsford believes that such a result can be good for the team so they can see their mistakes. Egan looked bad in the race and now looks like he has an injury “We’ve won it seven times in eight years and every now and then you need a kick in the balls and that’s what we’re getting right now,” he said.

“We’ve pulled Egan out today which was an agreement. He started off really well, which was great but then he had that phase where he didn’t perform at his normal level and he had a couple of days where he was really empty.

Then after the rest day we thought lets monitor that but yesterday he had a bit bit of pain and he didn’t feel himself at all." Many are wondering why a team that is otherwise dominant has such bad results “I don’t know if something went wrong but I think they’re separate issues.

I think that Egan was in really good shape. Obviously he’d been back in Colombia during lockdown and the other guys have been more in Europe." "It’s important to go through everything when you don’t perform to the level you hope for so you can understand where do we change where and what do we need to do to improve.

You also have to respect the competition. We’ve won this race many times but every now and then you’re going to lose it”.