John Degenkolb is back at DSM: "I can offer a lot!"

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John Degenkolb is back at DSM: "I can offer a lot!"

John Degenkolb has decided to return to the DSM team and show once again that he is ready for the highest goals, and that he can offer a lot. It has been 5 years since his last appearance at the DSM, and now that he is back, his goal is to help his team and himself "My main ambition is to find the right combination of being a road captain, and being a rider who can share his experience, and help the young riders.

But I also have the ambition for myself," he told Cyclingnews. "I’m the sort of rider who can gain motivation from the younger riders if I know I’m helping them. I’m still ambitious to win races. I’m 32 now and I’m about to turn 33 but I’m not too old to compete at the highest level or in the biggest races."

He has gained a lot of experience in these 5 years, which can help him a lot in the future "After all these years I’m still the same person but with more and more experience." "I’ve developed as a person but if you point the finger at the accident that I had in 2016, then for sure there is a part of my career before the accident and part of it that came after.

That’s not a bad thing because I learned a lot from that time," he said.

Spring Classics

He is happy to work with the new team, but the biggest goal will be Spring Classics "For sure the Classics will be the first main goal.

From that moment on, we’ll make a nice plan for the year, but the Classics are the first main focus. The team also wants me in Grand Tours but we’ve not decided on that approach yet," he said. "I’m just excited to work with completely new people, from my new trainer in Germany, with whom I’ve found a great connection, to all the riders.

I’ve got a lot of motivation and passion going into 2022." He still doesn’t feel old, and believes he can offer a lot to his team in the years to come "I made my career there, you can say, and I’d be stupid to miss a stage like that again.

It’s definitely a big goal for me personally but it all depends on what the team wants." "I’m just happy to be part of the team and to have new challenges and new goals for the next part of my career," he said.

"To be honest, I’m just looking at next year. I don’t feel so old that I can say this will be my last contract. I think I can go beyond 35. I’m not feeling old and I see being a professional rider as a huge privilege."

"It’s a really nice feeling being back at Team DSM. It’s exciting and from the first moment that I returned to the team, it definitely felt like home again. At our first team meetings, I realised that I’d made the right decision in coming back."