Italian cyclist: "I'm convinced of vaccine, but I have leg cramps now"

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Italian cyclist: "I'm convinced of vaccine, but I have leg cramps now"

One of our readers asked us to anonymously relate his experience after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Obviously these are personal statements that the editorial staff of SportWorldNews is limited to reporting only.

"I have been a cyclist since I was fifteen. I have been taking part in amateur races for years: cycling is a sport that I love, that I have followed since I was little. I remember seeing the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France with my father.

My grandfather was a big fan of this sport, he always talked about it, it's a memory I always carry inside. Personally I did both doses of the vaccine this summer, and I remain firmly convinced that the vaccine is the weapon better against COVID-19 and everyone should have it if they have no medical contraindications.

No-Vax should be persuaded by word and deed to get the vaccine. But my experience after the second dose is particular. I always do all the physical screening and cardiologist every year, and at 45 I am still in excellent physical shape to practice cycling.

Yet, after the second dose of the vaccine, I very often have cramps in my legs, both before, during and after training. he at the vaccination center, but there is no evidence that this is one of the peculiar symptoms of vaccine contraindications.

It could be a coincidence, I don't know. He did all the sami of the case but nothing came out. However, I am trying to resolve with physiotherapy, despite not being anxious, nothing emerged in the muscles, tendons and cartilages of the legs and knees.

I remain convinced of the effectiveness of the vaccine and I would do it again, but here, for now with the cramps, never had in my life, I have not solved." Almost simultaneously or shortly after the popularity of the bicycle, cycling became a sport.

It was the first sport with a great international diffusion; if other disciplines such as baseball, rugby and cricket are considered an integral part of the recent history of some countries such as the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, cycling, while historically achieving the greatest popularity in Italy, France, countries Netherlands, Belgium and Spain enjoys a lot of support in many other parts of the world.

The first competitive cycling competitions were born in the second half of the nineteenth century. They took place almost exclusively on the track, even if already in the last decade of the nineteenth century road races began to be held, those competitions (often exhausting, for the distance covered and the condition of the roads) will be called classic races.

The first stage races were held only from the beginning of the following century. The first documented cycling race was held on May 31, 1868, on a stretch of 1200 meters inside the Saint-Cloud Park near Paris; it was won by James Moore, an Englishman living in France.

The first race to cover the distance between two cities was the Paris-Rouen, in 1869, also won by Moore, who managed to cover the 123 kilometers of the route in 10 hours and 40 minutes.