Two Slovenians want to win in the Alps

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Two Slovenians want to win in the Alps

Somehow, in the background of sports events, one of the biggest, most popular and most massive sports competitions on the planet is cycling. It is true that sometimes in Europe, cycling is considered a second-class sport, but "outside" it is not so.

Especially when it comes to the Tour de France. The biggest of all bicycle races in the world entered the third week of the event today, after the athletes and teams got the opportunity to rest for the second time yesterday.

And now the right and the hardest are moving. Alps! Whoever understood this sport and this competition, it is clear to him that the mountain climbs are the ones that will, as before, solve the issue of the new owner of the yellow T-shirt and writing in history.

When they don't break, he can hope for an honorary circle at the Triumphal Arch on Sunday. And currently two Slovenians have the best chances for that! The world of cycling is in a real miracle, not to mention the inhabitants of that former Yugoslav republic.

They knew very well that the presenter Primož Roglič and his closest companion Tadej Pogačar were capable of great achievements. And yet this is a success that literally no one expected.

Pogacar and Roglic wants to achieve a victory

Roglic, the leader after 15 stages, flourished late after he started competing at the age of 26.

Now, four years later, he is at the top, but literally. He has a fantastic team around him, and he is especially good in the Alps, which are his, so to speak, natural meeting place. But, if he is good on the mountain stages, then Pogačar is even better.

The guy from whom it will be difficult for someone to take away the white T-shirt of the best young driver by the end of this Tour is a real miracle for ascents. Although he has a relatively weak team of comrades around him, he has celebrated on five of the last 10 mountain stages on three cycling tours (Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España).

Last year, he was third on Vuleta, and this year on the Tour, he has already won two such stages, both just ahead of Roglič. He previously did the same at the national chronometer championship in June. "I'm sure that in the end there will be a Slovenians in a yellow T-shirt on the Champs Elysees," Roglic said.

It is really amazing that two of us (slovenians)are fighting for victory. And we do not intend to give in, we both really want to win the Tour de France ", as quoted by mozzartsport