Greg Luyssen is ending his career due to heart problems after the vaccine


Greg Luyssen is ending his career due to heart problems after the vaccine
Greg Luyssen is ending his career due to heart problems after the vaccine

The time of the pandemic has changed many rules. The world does not function as it once did, and especially not the sport, in which various changes have taken place due to the times in which we find ourselves. COVID has taken many lives, and the WHO believes the vaccine is the only way to end the pandemic and get back to normal lives.

However, recently there have been cases where athletes have publicly criticized the vaccine and revealed the negative effects that the vaccine has left on them. One of them is Greg Luyssen, a 22-year-old cyclist from Belgium who will end his career because of a vaccine that caused him heart problems, Luyssen decided to tell his story, which shocked many: “I was in the chasing group during the Kortemark Race when I suddenly became unwell.

I felt a huge pressure in my chest and it was so bad that I had to leave the race. " He underwent tests at the hospital where they determined what could have been expected. In addition to heart problems, Luyssen also had a fever after the vaccine "I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with heart failure.

I already had a fever a number of times for no apparent reason after my second COVID-19 vaccine, but I had never thought about the casual relationship."

Recovery time

It seems that there is a longer recovery period left for a young cyclist who will have to pause like that and see how the recovery process will go.

“Further tests have now shown that my heart muscle is affected and that my body reacts poorly to intensive activity. "My body needs time to recover. My heart only works for 75% and I feel pressure in my chest every day, which also always leads to severe headaches." Although, like every athlete, he is used to hard training, this time it will not be, since even the easiest activities are a problem for him.

"If I even go up the stairs, I can already feel it. You can imagine how it is when I try to exercise. I now have to take it easy and go for check-ups every six months." In addition to Luyssen, several other cyclists complained about the same problems, ie heart problems.

This kind of news is certainly not good, and it is obvious that young athletes are reporting more and more similar problems