Van Avermaet: "I'm not on the same level because of the vaccine"

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Van Avermaet: "I'm not on the same level because of the vaccine"

The time of the pandemic has changed many rules. The world does not function as it once did, and especially not the sport, in which various changes have taken place due to the times in which we find ourselves. COVID has taken many lives, and the WHO believes the vaccine is the only way to end the pandemic and get back to normal lives.

However, recently there have been cases where athletes have publicly criticized the vaccine and revealed the negative effects that the vaccine has left on them. One of them is Van Awermaet, a Dutch cyclist, who decided to share his story Greg van Avermaet is not having a good race summer.

The Belgian could not break any pots in the Tour de France and his form is also not so good if we look at the Benelux Tour. According to the rider of AG2R Citroën, it is because of his coronavirus vaccine, Pfizer, which he received in June.


In the time trial of the Benelux Tour, Van Avermaet finished outside the top hundred and he expressed his dissatisfaction with the result at Het Nieuwsblad. 'I expected something like that. I gave everything, but I'm just not getting to my normal level.'

Cause? The corona vaccine I received for the Tour. 'There is nothing to show from the blood values, but other data prove that there is something wrong with my immune system." "My body is fighting an unknown enemy and that is probably the vaccine.

I sleep well, train well, and feel good, but I am missing three percent of my top form. I normally ride in the top twenty in this time trial.' Van Avermaet is now undergoing further testing in the hope of finding a solution.

If the situation doesn't improve, he will stop racing for 2021. 'If it goes really bad and I start to make fun of myself in the race, I say stop. Even though Paris-Roubaix is ​​still ahead and to a lesser extent the World Cup because I still have to be selected for that.'

As far as he is concerned, that World Cup selection is not realistic in this form anyway. "The World Cup makes no sense in this way. At the moment there are many Belgian riders that are much better than me and that is why they deserve that World Cup selection more than I do.' We will see if things get better in the future