Bob Jungels says he had no intention of hurting Higuita

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Bob Jungels says he had no intention of hurting Higuita

Bob Jungels apologized to Sergio Higuita after he accidentally hit his tire. After that, Higuita fell and suffered an injury that would take him off the bike paths for a while. It is certain that Jungels did not intend to hurt his colleague, but that is not the opinion of cycling fans who showed dissatisfaction with Jungels' move.

“We were fighting for the break, I was on the front, and at one point I wanted to pass the turn on to Sergio. Without knowing, he was on my right, and other people told me he was looking back at that point, and there you go.

Crashes like that are always unfortunate but that’s part of the sport,” Jungels said at the finish on the Grand Colombier, as quoted by cycling news “I was swinging off to the right after an attack. I didn’t see him on my right side.

Unfortunately, I must have hit his front wheel, and yeah, I’m really sorry to hear he’s out of the race because of that crash. I don’t know what to say."

Jungels wants to apologize

Jungels described what it all looked like and said he deeply regretted it but as already said the intention was not to hurt a colleague but to aim to be ahead of him and finish the race in the best possible way.

Yet many do not believe Jungels ’story and feel the intent was obvious. Jungels himself wanted to look at the video after the match to see what actually happened “Swinging off to make another rider come to the front is something we usually do,” he said.

“I didn’t see him on my right side and I’m just really sorry if there’s anything I’ve done wrong. It’s very unfortunate. “I really feel bad for him. I spoke to his teammates afterwards, I didn’t even know if it was my fault or not, but I just said sorry to his teammates.

I spoke to [Rigoberto] Uran and [Jens] Keukeleire. There’s not much I can do at the end of the day but I’m really sorry for what happened”. Jungels later had an accident and suffered a minor injury in one part of the race when an ambulance accident occurred but he still managed to finish the race.

“An ambulance was coming from behind and ran me over,” he said. “It was bad luck. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”.