Primoz Roglic: "I need to be happy in life"

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Primoz Roglic: "I need to be happy in life"

Primoz Roglic had a strange season. There have been many ups and downs, good as well as bad things, but it seems that Roglic knows how to deal with it and that he is still happy and satisfied with everything he has achieved.

"I'm not the cycling Terminator, that's not who I am," Roglič tells Cyclingnews "I like to see difficulties in life as a challenge rather than as a problem. I think racing and life goes well when you live that way.

"What is happening in the world at the moment has reminded us all that we need to try and enjoy life. If I didn't enjoy racing, doing all the training and all the pain and suffering, I'd do something else that gives me pleasure, because I need to be happy in life.

"I'm also not the guy who speaks loudly and shows off. In our sport, you have to show what you can do out on the road, with your legs, not on television. I think people like it when you don't give up and you keep fighting."

"I think I'm delivering some kind of message, about not giving up, and I think people appreciate that."

Engels on Roglic

Addy Engels has been the one who has supported him throughout his career, and he is aware of what kind of driver he has on the team.

He placed special emphasis on Roglic's mental and physical strength, which is obviously his strength "A lot has happened in the two or three years," Jumbo-Visma directeur sportif Addy Engels tells Cyclingnews "Now Primož is far more experienced at being with the best in the biggest races.

When that happens it lifts your self-confidence. Maybe a few years ago, when Primož was in pain, he perhaps felt that he was the only one struggling." "That's totally changed. He knows that if he's in pain, then everyone is in pain, too.

"He's physically strong but especially mentally strong. He has the ability to keep looking ahead, instead of sulking in his disappointment." "He did it last year when he lost the Tour, he won Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Vuelta; then he did it again this year after his Tour crash.

Roglic obviously has a special way of dealing with all troubles and seems very ready for anything in life "It's a big part of his personality. It's the way he lives his life and his career. It's something you are born with but also something you develop."

"Being in high-level sport is the right environment to challenge yourself, test your resilience and develop it even further. That's what Primož does time and time again." "I think I've grown up in so many ways during the last few years," Roglič tells Cyclingnews, agreeing with Engels comments.