Chris Froome happy for the second chance he got

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Chris Froome happy for the second chance he got

Chris Froome is one of the most famous names in the world of cycling. Although Chris is no longer on the same level, especially due to the 2019 accident, he still believes in himself and his abilities "There’s no guarantee that I can win another Tour, a fifth Tour, after what happened and what I’ve been through.

I know that, but it remains my goal. That’s what drives me to give 100 percent," he tells Cyclingnews "If that’s in 2022, the year after, or the year after that, it’s what I’m going to keep working towards until it becomes apparent that it is not possible."

"That’s what gets me on my bike every day. As long as I see progression in my work, then I’m going to believe it’s still achievable and I’m going to keep working for it. He is grateful for the second chance he got after the accident and it seems that optimism is an integral part of him "Suffering has given more perspective about my career and my life.

It’s made me so grateful for the position I’m in. I’ve had a second chance to be a professional rider." "I know not many get that, so I’m more grateful than ever and that has given me the motivation to get back to my old level."


Although the injury could have destroyed him, Froome managed to get out of it and recover "I was gravely injured in that crash two years go but it was in June that I felt the injuries were behind me. I see that moment as the zero point in my road to recovery and being back to my full self."

"Before, I was in negative territory because my right leg simply wasn’t where it needed to be," he explains. "I’m still working in the gym and doing rehab but now my focus is on the bike side of things and rebuilding my race condition.

Seeing things that no one else sees in my progress has kept me really motivated." "I’ve seen my right leg get stronger and stronger and seen my numbers get closer and closer to where they need to be and almost in equilibrium."

He is pleased with the second part of the season because he has seen progress in his performances "The second half of the season was a lot more fun because I’ve focused on getting back to where I was pre-crash," he says.

"I’m seeing the gains more and more." "I’ve still got a way to go but I’ve been up front again. I’ve been in the front of splits rather than hanging on the back for dear life."