Tour de France: asked for 4 years in prison for the woman who provoked...

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Tour de France: asked for 4 years in prison for the woman who provoked...

The trial has opened against the woman who on June 26 caused the fall of several riders in the Brest-Landerneau, the first stage of the Tour de France. The prosecution asked for a sentence of four months in prison with a conditional sentence for the woman who, showing her sign to her cameras: come on grandma and grandmother, had knocked about fifty runners to the ground.

Some of whom were forced to retire, such as Spaniard Marc Soler who suffered three fractures in his left arm. The judgment is set for December 9 at the Brest court. The Tour de France, which at first decided to denounce the woman, then gave up as director Christian Prudhomme said: "This woman made a huge mistake that could have had more serious consequences, but she is not a terrorist."

The prosecutor stressed that the 31-year-old still recognized the danger of her behavior and expressed her repentance.

New rumors about Roman Reigns and his next opponents

The WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief of the company of Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns, has been going on almost undisturbed for almost a year and a half now.

Since his return to SummerSlam the wrestler has put on a new guise and destroyed all his opponents: from Daniel Bryan to Edge to John Cena and now Roman Reigns is awaited by a fantastic match in the Pay per View in Saudi Arabia of Crown Jewel 2021, the title match against Brock Lesnar.

The dominance of Roman Reigns not only in Smackdown but for the entire main roster is undisputed and Roman is currently obtaining extraordinary results also as regards the merchandising of the company: the wrestler is very close to John Cena and could soon become the wrestler (already it is for Heel) with the greatest merchandising result in WWE history.

The WWE Universe has a lot of anticipation for this challenge, also to define the role of Paul Heyman within the meeting but at the same time in the last hours rumors are emerging that could almost spoil the outcome of the meeting.

The WWE Mad Genius was in the past manager of Lesnar and is now the undisputed advisor to the Tribal Chief and according to many, his role should be decisive in Saudi Arabia, to favor one or the other wrestler. While rumors are emerging about a possible break for Brock Lesnar after Crown Jewel, at the same time, according to reports, WWE has no intention of taking the title away from Roman Reigns with the title race of the champion destined to last longer, almost certainly beyond the end of this year.

The company and family Vince McMahon are delighted with Roman Reigns' work from Heel and want to change absolutely nothing. Latest rumors also speak of the next rivals after Brock Lesnar with the arrival of Drew McIntyre in SmackDown ready to sanction a feud between the two.

In addition, some rumors emerge according to which the WWE would be ready to launch a challenge between the two SmackDown and Raw champions Roman Reigns and Raw. It will now be seen whether the outcome of Crown Jewel is really so obvious or not.