Petr Vakoc decided to end his career!

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Petr Vakoc decided to end his career!

Petr Vakoč decided to end his career. After 2018 and the severe accident he suffered after being hit by a truck, Vakoč returned to the bike paths and achieved the goal he set. "After the injuries sustained in the accident where I was hit by a truck during a training camp in South Africa in January 2018, my goal was not only to fully recover but also to race at the Tour de France again," said Vakoč in a Facebook post, as quoted by cyclingnews "I was lucky to have the chance to fully recover and then I worked with a relentless determination.

Coming back to the highest level of professional cycling is what I truly consider my biggest victory of all."

Tour de France

As he says, the Tour de France was very emotional for him, since it is the biggest tournament, and he made his dreams come true.

But this time he decided to dedicate himself to other things "Riding the Tour de France this year was a hugely emotional event for me," Vakoč said. "And what a Tour it was! I have never dared to imagine being part of the yellow dream and enjoyed every minute of it."

"In the weeks afterward, though, I realized that the last three and half years have been extremely taxing and my body asks for a break." "My mind would still love to keep racing, but in my heart, I feel deep satisfaction and desire to focus on different areas of life and new challenges."

Ever since he was a child, Vakoc dreamed of becoming a professional cyclist, and he is happy about the opportunity that he got in his life. "It has been an amazing ride," said Vakoč. "As a kid, I dreamed about becoming a professional rider and I am immensely grateful to have lived this dream.

I have been incredibly lucky to be around truly amazing people and I can say that I have created friendships for life." It can be said that Vakoc had a successful career considering that he achieved huge successes in the two biggest teams.

It is certain that Vakoc will be missed by cycling fans, and we will find out what he intends to do next in life. "I have been able to not only ride my bike for a living but also to be a member of two of the most successful teams in the sport. I have experienced both, winning big races myself and playing my part in dozens of team victories."