Moscon: "I didn't have the legs to follow them"

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Moscon: "I didn't have the legs to follow them"

Gianni Moscon, known for various controversies and scandals, was not in the center of attention this time because of that. The 27-year-old Italian looked great at Paris-Roubaix, and it looked like he could achieve a win, which would certainly be a big surprise, considering he wasn’t one of the favorites.

However, Moscon was unlucky and suffered a rear wheel puncture, and after that, there was a crash that jeopardized his result. "The tyre pressure was different," Moscon said of his bike change, as quoted by cyclingnews "After five hours of racing maybe the pressure had gone down and, as soon as I went on this bike, I felt different on the pavé.

Maybe it was because of that that I crashed, but the sector was really slippery. Moscon trie to do his best to achieve the greatest result but still in the end he did not have enough strength "I tried to attack from far out and gave everything I had.

I just had a little bad luck with the puncture and then I was a bit on my limit. When you are on the limit, you make mistakes. "I crashed, but I didn't lose too much time. But then they came back from behind and I didn't have the legs to follow them.

I tried. Fourth place – we will try again next year."


Cyclingnews reporters wondered if Moscon thought he would win without the accidents that happened Who knows," he said when he was asked if he could've won without his bad luck.

"You can't say that now. The race went like it did. I also don't know exactly how much time I lost because of the two incidents. He tried to apply tactics that would help him achieve a good result and that is an early attack.

Still, he failed at it. Moscon looked satisfied in spite of everything and now he has to rest and prepare for the next race for which he is not sure whether he will participate "This race is, I think, the most beautiful race in cycling.

It was very spectacular race. I tried to put my cards on the table early by attacking early, but it didn't work out. Another Italian won, so we can be happy as a nation anyway. "Now I'm just looking forward to taking some rest.

Maybe I'll race Il Lombardia on Saturday, but I don't know." It is obvious that Moscon wants to achieve a good result in the next races as well