Thibaut Pinot has no serious injuries after the accident on the stage

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Thibaut Pinot has no serious injuries after the accident on the stage

Thibaut Pinot had an accident on a bike path in Nice. He says he can feel pain in his body but that he did not break anything. However, he says that he is worried about the hematoma, which we hope will not cause any problems “I’ve had better nights and I’ve woken up better.

I’m a bit sore everywhere this morning but I don’t have anything broken so the road goes on,” Pinot said, according to Sud Ouest. “I have a lot of aches and pains on my side and a hematoma on my back because another rider bumped into me when I fell.

That's what worries me. I hope the knee will get better once it's warm and that when I start riding, it will unlock a little bit”. , as quoted by cycling news He hopes that he can achieve success and fight for good results “I hope to have the sensations to stay with the best riders,” Pinot said.

“It’s going to be fast today and, why not, there could be attacks from GC contenders in the finale”.

Bad weather

He says that he is not satisfied with the reaction of the audience due to the accident on the track.

He believes that the cyclists were under stress and that the rain that was falling affected such an outcome and that they could not do anything about it. “When we saw the weather yesterday, we all knew what was going to happen to us,” Pinot said, according to L’Équipe.

“The proof is that it was the first time I deflated my tyres to six bars. We knew there were going to be crashes, so when I see that people are criticising us because we neutralised the race…" “As riders, we don’t understand that, because it was a day of stress like I’ve never experienced before.

That made me angry, because it wasn’t cycling. Rain and crashes are part of racing, but when the road isn’t rideable… On the descent yesterday, there was diesel all over the road. On television, you couldn’t see it all.

There were crashes on every corner. That’s why it was one of my first days on a bike”. Groupama-FDJ manager Marc Madiot supported the peloton decision where they neutralized the track “The organisers propose the route, the managers and directeurs sportifs devise the tactics, but the riders decide what to do – because they’re the ones out there riding and we should never forget that,” Madiot said. “I think they took the right decision”.