Fabio Aru decided to end his career!

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Fabio Aru decided to end his career!

Fabio Aru, although he improved his form during the Vuelta and showed that he can still be at a good level, still does not want to continue his career and thinks that it is best to leave the cycling stage "Every day, I think more and more that this was the right choice," Aru tells Cyclingnews "I've got 21 stages here at the Vuelta, and that allows me to live a different emotion every day.

Maybe stopping with a one-day race would have been different." "Here, you have various situations on different days, whether it's the wind, the heat, or fighting with the strongest in the climbs. And that's all helping me to deal with this change of lifestyle."

Although cycling news reporters are in a dilemma whether he will feel liberated after this, Aru has denied such rumors "No, I don't see it as a liberation, I just see it as the end of a chapter," Aru says.

"Obviously, this has been my life for more than 15 years and the bike will, in one way or another, remain a part of my life, because it's been my big passion. "I'll come and see some races, maybe, so this will always remain a part of my life, but it's also the moment to devote more time to my family, to stay at home.

I'm too much of a professional to accept doing this sport at only 90 percent. I'll do it at 200 percent or not at all."

Difficult years

Aru has experienced many negative things in his career, but he believes that it is a part of life and that this is exactly what influenced him to become a better person and to see the world in a different way.

"They were difficult years and I suffered a lot but they also taught me to be in the world, because life isn't only success, there are also setbacks, and you have to overcome them," Aru says. "I became a better person compared to before.

Obviously, I would have preferred to live through fewer frustrations than I did, but that didn't affect my decision to retire. "In the end, it's that I left Sardinia many years ago, when I was very young, and my family is still there.

There are a lot of things linked to one another. And I think for every one of us, there comes a time when you want to change something and start a new chapter. For me, that moment has come now, and I'm happy with my choice."