Jack Haig believes Mikel Landa will have a good race

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Jack Haig believes Mikel Landa will have a good race

Jack Haig after leaving the Tour de France has no ambitions in Vuelta. Haig is currently in 7th place, while Landa is in 12th place “I managed to get a decent stage result [fifth] and also move myself up in GC on Friday, but it doesn’t really change much for the team plans,” Haig told reporters at the start of stage 8 in Santa Pola, as quoted by cyclingnews “I’m still a bit unsure of how I’m going to last throughout the Vuelta coming off not too much training coming into this race.

However, it seems that Landa will be the one they will rely on and from whom a good result is expected “We still have a lot of faith in Mikel. Every day always he’s there or thereabouts, and I guess we’ll have a bit more of an understanding of where everybody sits in the team after Sunday”.

Haig is still not in the right shape and believes that any good result will be a bonus for him “I’m also not really after that at the moment either,” Haig said. “I think after Sunday we’ll see and reassess the situation, but at the moment I’m just trying to take every opportunity I can.

Everything that I get is a bonus, basically”.

Balcón de Alicante race

Balcón de Alicante was excellent for him, where he achieved fifth place in strong driver competition. He also explained what was going on in the race “You have to gamble a bit, because you can’t spend all your energy following every single move,” said Haig.

“In our group, Felix Großschartner was potentially riding into red and guys like Sepp, Romain and myself expected him to ride a little bit more for time rather than for the stage”. Roglic is the leader for now and it will be very difficult to match him until the very end.

Haig is also aware of this and believes that the only person who can beat Roglic is actually Roglic. If he makes a mistake or is disturbed in some way, changes could occur, but such a thing will hardly happen. Roglic is a big favorite, but let's wait until the very end to see the outcome “To be honest, I think he’s going to be incredibly hard to beat.

I think the only person who can beat him is himself,” Haig said. “I think he needs to make a mistake for anybody else to capitalise. He’s looking incredibly strong and it’s hard to see him not winning the Vuelta, I think”.