Mark Cavendish apologized after the incident

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Mark Cavendish apologized after the incident

Many times we have witnessed various incidents in the world of sports. Sometimes in an overwhelming desire to win, in an overwhelming desire to succeed, athletes simply lose their nerve and react in a way they shouldn’t.

This time the incident happened at the Tour de France and the main actor was Mark Cavendish, one of the most famous cyclists and a recognizable face in the world of sports. Before the start on stage 19 Cavendish yelled at the team mechanic visibly frustrated by a certain bike problem.

He then left his bike and got on the team bus. Most believe that this move by Cavendish is not right at all, and that a professional athlete should not react in such a way. Others, however, justify his move and believe that Cavendish is doing everything to help his team achieve the best possible result.

“Many of you will have seen the video from the start of today’s stage,” he wrote. “During a day of the Tour de France, as riders we are put in a perilous situation and I wanted my bike to be perfect, in order to help me stay safe."


Yet Cavendish decided to apologize and felt he had made a mistake. Most wonder how sincere that apology is "My bike had some problems when I got on it this morning. Despite this, I should not have reacted in the way that I did and not so publicly.

“I've been extremely close friends with my mechanics for over a decade and they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure I’ve always been safe and successful." "Although they know how short I can be when I'm stressed, no-one, especially those you care about, deserve to have a voice raised to them.

The Deceuninck-QuickStep team always had a positive atmosphere and good relations, and there is little chance that such an outburst will change things. Cavendish will probably learn something from this mistake and try to react much better in the future than he does now.

The main goal is to help the team, and only harmony in the team can be crucial in achieving “Truly, one of the biggest factors of the success of Deceuninck-QuickStep is that we are a family, and we love and care for each other, and conversations should be kept within that family”.

“We have now spoken about what happened and as a group the Wolfpack will do our best to have a successful finish to the 2021 Tour de France”.