Mohoric explains what 'silence gesture' meant

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Mohoric explains what 'silence gesture' meant

Matej Mohoric won again, on stage 19 in Libourne. His gesture in front of the line was also interesting when he put his finger on his lips. Recently, a police raid took place when they tried to determine whether the Bahrain Victorious team was doing illegal things.

"Silence gesture is just a sign to show to people that question our performance to be mindful that we are making huge sacrifices with our work, with our nutrition, with our training plans, with our race plans, with all the time we spend away from home in training camps”.

- Mohoric said, as quoted by cycling news “My generation, myself, we never saw these things happen or anybody possess anything illegal,” he categorically stated. And if anybody needed to check his phone or his belongings to ensure that Bahrain Victorious' status as one of the best teams in the world was cleanly achieved, he said, “then so be it”.

He continued with the good form he had “We believed it could be a sprint stage but we also knew that in the third week all the teams are tired,” he pointed out. “I knew I had to follow the breakaways, particularly for the teams classification [which Bahrain Victorious are currently leading].

“There was a very nervous start and a first crash and I made a big effort to get in the break. Then when the peloton settled down, I tried to convince them to ride hard because that way maybe the peloton would stop chasing”.

Critical situation

At one point the situation seemed critical to him and about 15 drivers approached him, yet he revealed what he was thinking at the time. “Nils Politt [Bora-Hansgrohe] had made a massive attack and it had come back.

And I said to myself ‘close your eyes and sprint to the very top of the climb’ and see what happens”. He also revealed what it is that helps him in racing “I always use a 55x42 for the Tour, it gives me an advantage on the downhills and false flats”.

he explained. “It helps me recover”. “He’s a close friend so I’m probably biased,” Mohorič warned, “but I’d say he deserves to win. Mohoric spoke out about his compatriot Tadej Pogacar “He’s a close friend so I’m probably biased,” Mohorič warned, “but I’d say he deserves to win.

“He’s very calm and collected, he’s always paying attention and he never gets stressed. I’d say he’s a super gifted guy, even if he doesn’t know his own limits”.