Primoz Roglic withdraws from Tour de France!

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Primoz Roglic withdraws from Tour de France!

Primoz Roglic, one of the best cyclists in the world, made a decision that surprised all cycling fans. Namely, Roglic, in cooperation with his team, decided that the best option was to leave the Tour de France. The 2020 runner-up had problems during the tournament, and on a couple of occasions, he had a severe fall that aggravated his situation.

Although the results showed that there were no fractures, the consequences remained on his body, and Roglic did not want to take risks and further endanger his health. His next goal will be recovery and after that Roglic should be ready for the next performances in which he certainly has high expectations.

"We took the decision altogether with the team, it doesn’t make sense to continue the way it was going at the end," Roglič said in a statement from his team, as quoted by cycling news "Now we’ll definitely try to recover and focus on the new goals."

After experiencing a fall on track number 3, Paris did not look far to him, and he was not aware of the situation "Not really, I never look so far ahead. It’s more trying to be in the moment and going through, and that’s exactly how it went.

I was just going through the days."

Huge pain

Yet the next day he began to feel huge pain and realized he was in big trouble. Of course, this was followed by disappointment because Roglic had high expectations from this year's Tour de France " Although the time trial offered some hope, the following day he began to suffer badly again.

"I was really bad and in a lot of pain. With the normal stages it was too much for my body at the moment. "I’m definitely disappointed, I didn't plan this to be the way it is and you have to accept it. I have to go on with this decision.

I have to be optimistic, look to the future and new goals." Team directeur sportif Merijn Zeeman thinks this is not a huge shock for his team, and that they are still in the game. Of course, in these moments they need optimism “We’re dead but we’re not buried.

We’ve got to look for chances and see what opportunities we have,” team directeur sportif Merijn Zeeman told Cyclingnews after stage 8. "Now we’ve got to focus on other objectives as a team”.