Lucas Hamilton on the Tour de France without expectation

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Lucas Hamilton on the Tour de France without expectation

Lucas Hamilton, a 25-year-old cyclist from Australia, will be racing at France de Tour this year. He is overjoyed with the opportunity he will have and he is sure that he will try to use his chance “The Tour is the biggest race and I’m keen to get there,” he told Cyclingnews from his base in Spain just a few days out from the Grand depart in Brest.

“It’s just good to be a part of it. I’m going to ride GC and I’ve not done that in a Grand Tour before but I have experienced it at some of the weeklong races." "It’s a good experience and exposure for me and Grand Tours can throw a lot of curveballs at you so it’s about learning to deal with that.

This is what I see myself going through”. He is happy with the faith of the team “I’ve been to the Giro twice now and I went in there last year with the idea of not getting off GC. We had to leave the race but now I’m becoming a GC rider, so it’s time to ride the Tour."

"It’s really just the timing that’s come together. When I first heard I was doing the Tour it was nice to have that faith from the team. I took confidence from that. I was in good shape going into the Giro last year and the form was there,” he said.

Big race

He is aware of how big a race awaits him and how important this race is in the end “Racing the Tour is a pretty special feeling. Obviously, it’s my first Tour but the buzz around it is enough. As an Australian, I know that a lot of the other races aren’t recognised in Australia at all."

"Whereas the Tour is so well known. The first question you’re asked back home is if you race the Tour de France so it will be a bit easier for me to be able to answer that with a straight yes”. He still has no expectations considering this is his first Tour, and he hopes he won't make many mistakes.

“To be honest, as it’s my first Tour it would be pretty silly of me to go in with expectations that are too high or too low. I’m just going in with an open mindset." "There’s a lot of days, in the first week that is tricky enough.

So just getting through those days is important enough and I know it’s a cliché but really it’s going to be about taking it day by day. It’s about making sure that I don’t do too many little mistakes.

“It’s my first Tour and really I’d just like to be part of a successful Tour de France." "To get to Paris, have a couple of stage wins within the team, and if I’ve had a really good crack at the GC, that would be enough for me. It would be nice to be getting some results in the biggest race in the world”.