Omar Goldstein optimistic before the Tour de France debut

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Omar Goldstein optimistic before the Tour de France debut

Omer Goldstein will soon be at the Tour de France at the end of this month, and this is also his first appearance at such a competition. “I love to be part of the game,” said Goldstein in a statement, as quoted by cycling news “Of course, the Tour de France is the biggest race of all, and the stress in the peloton will be different.

But I am confident that I am ready to help the team and have an impact on our quest to support Mike and get a stage win”. "Going to the Tour is a dream I had since I was a kid. I always imagined myself being there in the front in a mountain stage breakaway, going for it, not really concerned if they catch me or not, as long as I am going full gas and giving it all”.

Verbrugghe on Goldstein

Rick Verbrugghe, Israel Start-Up Nation’s sports manager believes that Goldstein is a very good cyclist and will be of great importance to their team “He is always ready to jump on a challenge with absolutely no fear.

But much beyond that, we selected Omer because he can give the team a lot in the Tour in so many ways,” said Rik Verbrugghe, Israel Start-Up Nation’s sports manager. “Of course, his main task will be to assist our leader, Mike Woods, but he can be our man in a breakaway and, if the opportunity comes, he can get a great result.

And in mid-range mountain stages, he can be there in a selected group going to the finish”. Although Froome is not the same cyclist as he was, which is quite reasonable, Goldstein has great respect for him and believes that such a figure in the team can be of great help to everyone and that Froome can still achieve a great result despite the fact that most do not expect it.

“I respect him so much, he has been a quiet mentor ...,” said Goldstein. “He is such a great fighter. Never underestimate him. He is on the up and I believe can surprise in the Tour”. First of all, Goldstein will have to defend the title of national champion “I want to represent my country in the Tour, wearing the champions jersey,” said Omer.

“I will do my best to defend my title Saturday, but I can guarantee nothing. My Israeli teammates will do everything to win it, and that’s how it should be”.