Marcel Sieberg ended his career

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Marcel Sieberg ended his career

News from the world of cycling: Namely, Marcel Sieberg decided to end his cycling career after 17 years. Seiberg made his debut back in 2005 and has since changed many teams: Wiesenhof, Milram, Highroad, Lotto Soudal, and Bahrain Victorious It is certainly not easy at all for Seiberg to end his career after the great years he spent on the bike tracks and gained a lot of experience through various cities.

"I’ve been cycling for 30 years. It started as a hobby as a young boy and ended as my profession for the past 17 years. Traveling around the world and competing in the most iconic races has been an amazing experience," said Sieberg in a statement on Tuesday, as quoted by cyclingnews As he says, he gained incredible experiences throughout his career and expressed his gratitude to all those who were with him during his career.

"Along the way, I’ve met great people and made unforgettable memories. These have been good times. I want to thank every partner, staff member, teammate, and all the other people I’ve had the chance to work with and meet throughout my career."

The relationship between him and Andre Greipel is well-known, considering that they have worked together and competed in the same team for almost their entire career. However, in 2018, there was a parting between the two, considering that Sieberg decided to change the team for the 2019 season.

Greipel and Seiberg

As Seiberg himself said as a child, he could only dream of collaborating with Greipel, who lived in his town. However, in the end, that dream came true and even more than that, they became great friends "I’ve known him for a longer time, as he is living in the town where I grew up.

When I was young, I never imagined I would be riding with him in the same team, making it something special and really amazing," said Bauhaus. "I’m really thankful and something I will miss in the future."

Seiberg seems to intend to continue to be in this sport, but in a different way, although he did not state it. He is ready for the next step in life, which says that Sieberg still has the motivation and will in him. "Cycling is my life, and I’m excited to see where the next challenges lie," Sieberg said.

"I’d love to share my experience and passion with the cycling world and to share the joy of the success of new champions."