Dumoulin: "I lost the pleasure in my job and the race"

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Dumoulin:  "I lost the pleasure in my job and the race"

Tom Dumoulin decided to go back to cycling again and continue his career. Dumoulin took a break in January after, as he said "he lost the pleasure" and thought a break was the best option for him. Now he is waiting for the Tokyo Olympic games and he is preparing for it "The problem of the last three years was that I lost the pleasure in my job and the race," Dumoulin told the Belgian newspaper.

"I had forgotten what I liked and didn't like. Now I know that again. That period without racing was very instructive for me. I know again what kind of rider Tom Dumoulin is. He still doesn't know what will happen after Tokyo "What follows after Tokyo, I don't know yet.

Maybe it will be chasing classifications in big tours again. Maybe I want to set other goals, or maybe I don't want to be a rider at all anymore. "The classification is definitely not a goal [here], the two-time trials are," he added.


His goal is to achieve the time he achieved at last year’s Toure de France "My plan is to be as good in Tokyo as I was then. I also believe it's possible, otherwise, I wouldn't have started this plan."

"Of course everything will have to fall into the right place and you can ask yourself if I have enough time to grow to my very best level, but I am confident that it will work. "These time trials will make me a bit wiser.

Although you can't compare these time trials with the ones in Tokyo. That doesn't really matter, I see these time trials more as a test to realize what my work points are." Oomen himself will be with him on the team again and says he would be honored to help his former colleague "I will set myself small goals during each stage and if I can help Sam with that, it'll be a pleasure.

I don't see myself in a position to be top 10 in the general classification right now, and that's not the intention." "I am not here to kill myself, but to have a good week of racing in the legs. You shouldn't forget that I have only trained for a month.

"Although I have to say that I was shocked when I got back on my bike for the first time after a few months of no training. After two weeks, I did a test and was surprised by the result." "The talent has certainly not disappeared. That is also the reason why I have made the Tokyo Olympics a goal."