Sean Kelly believes Fuglsang must participate in Tour de France

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Sean Kelly believes Fuglsang must participate in Tour de France

Sean Kelly, a famous Danish cyclist is shocked by the fact that Jakob Fuglsang will not participate in the Tour de France. Kelly is currently a commentator on Eurosport and has a great career behind him. He started cycling in 1977 until 1994 when he retired.

Kelly was most successful during the 1980s and won a total of 193 races. "It's a shame that he's not going to ride the Tour de France. He's in fantastic form right now, and with what's looking like a very open race, he has a very real chance of getting on the podium," Kelly told, as quoted by Ekstra Bladet Kelly believes that Fuglsang's current form emphasizes a good result and that he must use his current form "Fuglsang looks as though he's in the best form he's ever had, which you can't really say about Miguel Angel Lopez right now."

"Why not go to the Tour with two leaders this year?" he continued. "There are other teams that do that, and Jumbo-Visma are set to take three riders for the GC this year. I don't think that it would be too difficult to change Fuglsang's race programme so that he goes to the Tour alongside Lopez."

However, he hopes that Fuglsang will participate in the Tour de France because he believes that Fuglsang is a huge potential and that it would be a pity not to use such potential. "He's been right up there among the very best for a number of years," said Kelly, "He's always had potential and is now taking full advantage of it."

"It would be great to see him at the Tour, as I truly believe that he could do very well," said Kelly, 64,

Tour de France could be canceled?

Kelly is still unsure of the Tour de France. He believes that the Tour de France can be canceled at any time and that the situation with the CORONA virus is unpredictable.

"The coronavirus could still change everything," he said. "The Tour still looks as though it will take place, but who can say with any certainty that it will also be the case when it comes to the Giro? Fuglsang has hit top form right now, but no one knows how long we'll be able to keep racing for."

"It should be about seizing the moment and taking advantage of the chance to get a good result at the Tour de France," Kelly said.