Bernal: "I know there's a rider who is stronger than me, and that's Yates"

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Bernal:  "I know there's a rider who is stronger than me, and that's Yates"

The Giro d'Italia, as every year, brings various excitements. This time something like before happened, Yates attacked fiercely and managed to be faster than Bernal, who decided to keep racing at the same pace. However, as Bernal says, he is aware that Yates is stronger and will try to do his best to reach the desired goal.

"When I need to go from a long way out and when I have the legs, I try to do it. But at this moment, I know there's a rider who is stronger than me, and that's Yates," Bernal said when he took a seat in the mixed zone afterward, as quoted by cyclingnews "Now I have to manage the advantage that I built up by attacking earlier on.

There's the work of a whole team behind this jersey, and I don't want to do something wrong and lose it. I want to ride with my head to try to bring this jersey to Milan. "It's difficult when they attack and straightaway they take 10, 20, 30 seconds in a short space of time.

But I wasn't going slowly, and I knew they had to have sore legs in front and they would have to recover a bit."


Bernal is aware that he could have done much better in the end "I did drop off a bit at the end, it was a very fast climb," he said.

"Maybe I could have done it 5 to 10 seconds quicker, but that effort might have put me into difficulty when I didn't need to do it." "In the end, I preferred not to go flat out in the last few hundred meters, because I know I have a nice advantage, and I want to come to the final time trial with some strength left.

That will be a head-to-head battle, alone against the wind." After injuring himself, he trained hard to return now and says he did not expect such an advantage "Before the start, I thought I might lose a little bit early on and I thought I'd be trying to gain time at this point.

Instead, it's been the complete opposite," Bernal laughed. "At the start I was good, and without going crazy, I managed to gain a bit here and there. The gravel stage was actually the first day I was planning to start trying to make gains, but I'd already gained quite a bit already."