Evenepoel leaves the Giro d 'Italia after an accident

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Evenepoel leaves the Giro d 'Italia after an accident

Remco Evenepoel was considered by many to be the favorite in the Giro d 'Italia race and most cycling fans expected Remco to win. However, such a thing will not happen. Namely, on track 17 Evenepoel had an accident and finished the race with 35 minutes behind Dan Martin.

His team decided that it was best for Remco to leave the tournament due to injury. Still, Evenepoel seems to be optimistic and seems to know how to deal with things like this, which are completely normal in the world of sports "Of course it's sad to leave the race, and my first Grand Tour too early, but in the end, it was a nice experience and I hope to be back one day again.

I'm wishing the best to all my Deceuninck-QuickStep teammates," Evenepoel said in a press release, as quoted by cycling news


Remco misjudged a tight right-hand band and thus he had an accident. Luckily for him, he was without any fractures, but he had cuts on various parts of his body.

The most important thing for him and his team is that Remco is without fractures, but they still decided that it was best to withdraw from the tournament. "Following the diagnosis the medical team decided that it would be best if Remco was to leave the race and recover completely as fast as possible, before working towards his goals for later in the season," Deceuninck-Quickstep said.

Remco believes that this crush is something that should not have happened, and he is certainly disappointed with this outcome on the tournament, but given his age, no one doubts that he will return even stronger and that this will only be a lesson and motivation for him to have an even better results.

Now follows his return to Belgium and of course the recovery process "In the end it was a crash that shouldn't have happened," Evenepoel said. "I don't know what really happened in front of me, but I came into the corner and saw some guys on the ground and I couldn't pass on the right side because I was next to another guy, so I didn't have any chances to avoid a crash.

"For now, there isn't anything broken, but I have a lot of contusions, it doesn't make a lot of sense to carry on with this pain. So I go back to Belgium and go for some CT scans. Then we will see."