Matej Mohoric revealed the thing that saved his life

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Matej Mohoric revealed the thing that saved his life

Matej Mohorič will have to rest for a while after the terrible accident he suffered at the Giro d'Italia. Namely, at one point, the Slovenian lost control of his bicycle and fell and hit the road with his head Bahrain Victorious team spoke up after all and revealed that Mohoric did well with minor damage Mohoric revealed how the accident happened and it turns out that he was actually the main culprit.

The biggest reason is his speed, so the Slovenian failed to control his bake after the corner and ended up on the floor "We entered the corner on the limit at high speed," he said, as quoted by cyclingnews "My racing line wasn’t perfect as I didn’t take all the road.

I planned to overtake Gino [Mader] at the exit and go into the front. The corner surprised me, and it was closer than expected." "I lost traction on my rear wheel due to the high speed. I was able to catch the bike, but doing so, I was closer to the corner on my left.


However, Mohoric did not suffer major injuries, which is certainly good news. He also explained why there were no major injuries and what, in addition to his speed, was the main reason for the accident. "Usually, I wouldn’t crash, but due to the curb, I clipped it with my left pedal, which is evident from the damage.

Because of that, my bike went completely sideways, and I hit the curb with my front wheel." "Luckily the bike absorbed all the energy as it the fork split, which is why I’ve come out of this crash with only minor bruises and a slight concussion."

It must have been difficult, because everything happened in a few seconds. As he says after the accident, he felt an adrenaline and probably fear due to the seriousness of the injury, but it turned out that he was lucky in this case.

"After the crash, I felt a bit of pain and adrenaline rush, but I feel good and will be back training in a week after undergoing the UCI concussion protocol," Mohorič said. In this case as well as in many previous ones, the helmet was of great importance, because in the case that he did not have a helmet, it would certainly have gone much worse and the situation would have been totally different.

In the end, he thanked for that helmet "These crashes always show the importance of wearing a helmet. I’d like to thank our partner Rudy Project, as the helmet saved my life."