Nibali: "I’ve made it to this point and things are slowly improving"

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Nibali: "I’ve made it to this point and things are slowly improving"

Vincenzo Nibali managed to come back and successfully race at the Giro d'Italia after the injury he suffered. It is obvious that he lacks training, which he confirmed, but still, his result is not bad for now, considering how long he has not been at the track.

“I knew this Giro was always going to be difficult for me,” Nibali admitted in an appearance on RAI’s Processo alla Tappa programme in Foligno on Monday evening, as quoted by cycling news “I’ve worked hard but I lost ten days of training.

That cost me a lot and I lost form. But my base is still there." "When there are big accelerations like the one on Sunday, it’s logical that Giulio is up there and I’m not, but he’s in great shape and he can respond to the attacks."


It seems that the main goal of their team is to protect Giulio, and for now they are working together in that “Giulio wanted to understand his form but I’ve told him that he has to ride more carefully and save himself for the final week,” Nibali said.

“We’ve told him to race with his head, because he can do well. It’s right we protect him in these aggressive, dangerous finishes. I know how to look after myself and I also know how to look after other people."

"We’re trying to ride as a united team. On Sunday and in the last few days, I’ve tried to keep Giulio up there and out of trouble. It helps him and it helps me”. He says the starting race was actually a test of how much he can and whether he is maximally ready.

Still, it seems that Nibali feels great progress and that he should finish the tournament successfully, there is still some time left and we will have to wait for the outcome “It was a first week full of doubts, as I needed to understand how I felt after my fracture, if I could pedal okay and steer my bike in the peloton.

I’ve made it to this point and things are slowly improving,” said Nibali, who was unconvinced as to the long-term importance of the bonus seconds contested by Bernal and Remco Evenepoel on the road to Foligno on Monday.

“The seconds could count for something, but in the third week they usually count for very little. The race could turn upside down in the last week and then be decided in the final time trial”.