Alex Dowsett: "Dan Martin is our priority"

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Alex Dowsett: "Dan Martin is our priority"

Alex Dowsett had a great experience last year at the Giro d 'Italia, when he took the win to stage 8. This year, he will be in the same place, and on that occasion he announced himself "Things are tense and stressful at the race this year, but it’s an enjoyable kind of stress," Dowsett said, as quoted by cycling news "There’s not a huge amount of pressure but Dan [Martin] is excited with how well he’s going, which inspires us all.

We’ve got Nicki [Sorensen] and Coco [Claudio Cozzi] as directors, the same as last year, so there’s some continuity there, too, which is good. He also explained what everything behind the scenes actually looks like "And the team keeps upping its game behind the scenes.

We’ve got a kitchen truck this year on the race, we get the same mattresses and pillows each night taken from one hotel to the next." "That’s modern-day cycling for you; we’re all good riders at this kind of level, but this is an arms race," he continued.

"So I’m pretty chilled and pretty happy. I’m a bit lighter than last year, too, I’d like to think a bit stronger and the bike’s a bit faster so that’s all good."

Dan Martin

Dan is a priority for their team "Dan’s our priority, and has been from the start, so the main aim is to keep him out of trouble.

But with the horsepower and lead-out experience that Mathias [Brandle] and I have, we can handle the stressful finishes," Dowsett said, mentioning the teammate who was with him in the break on the day he won last year.

"Yesterday [stage 7], for example, De Marchi had a last-minute puncture and Paddy [Patrick Bevin] had to sit up. But me and Mathias got Dan into position all the same." "Then on the real hard GC days where Brandle and I can’t make it, we have Paddy and Alessandro De Marchi for him, and Guy Niv can climb too.

But that’s where we’ll miss Krists Neilands, who we lost on the prologue day." This will be one of the first Grand Tours for Dan "Something I didn’t realise that throughout Dan’s career is that this is one of the first Grand Tours, and I guess the last one would be the Vuelta last year, where he’s had a whole team dedicated to him.

"He’s had to fly solo for a lot of his career, which makes working for him very easy, because he’s pretty self-sufficient."