Dan Martin: "I’ve got zero expectations for this race at all"

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Dan Martin:  "I’ve got zero expectations for this race at all"

Dan Martin achieved a great result on a rainy and gloomy day at the Giro d 'Italia. He revealed what he expects from the race “It’s a weird situation at the moment, I’ve got zero expectations for this race at all,” Martin said, as quoted by cricbuzz “I know I’m feeling good, my numbers were good in training and I’m so relaxed mentally and feeling zero pressure.

I’m just trying to enjoy the race, even if the weather’s been pretty bad so far. "I don’t like it when it's wet and cold but I seem to be going well anyway. I’m just going into the finals really relaxed and letting them play out.

Yesterday I had the legs to be there, but that’s not going to happen every day”. He also revealed his goals for the upcoming races “The goals that you set yourself, they don’t really apply to me.

The goal is to get to Milan and see what position I’m in, so there’s no goal,” said Martin “I like riding for the GC and I realised at the Tour last year that I really missed it. I’d love to do both, but it is looking more and more tricky to get a stage victory when you ride for the GC because a lot of stages here will be decided by the breakaway”.

Third appearance and atmosphere

This is his third appearance at the Giro d 'Italia “Of course, it's always been a thing for me, that I hadn’t been back. But it’s also true that I focused on the Ardennes Classics and the Tour, so it never fitted, and there’s also sponsor pressure too.

The teams I was on sent me to the Tour,” said Martin. As he says, the race is not easy at all, but it was strange to feel the atmosphere on the track “It’s incredible to feel an atmosphere at a race, this is the first time since the start of the pandemic.

It feels strange still,” said Martin. “But it’s really hard to compare Grand Tours, because it all depends on the nature and the terrain of each country and what it offers." "It’s been a strange first week because it’s been very hilly but also a lot of stress, with one day on and then one day off: sprint, climb, sprint climb.

“The weather has also made it harder than any Grand Tour I’ve done in the last few years." "I think the real Giro is the final week, the real brutal mountain stages that you don't really get in the Tour and the Vuelta. That’s where we’ll see the real character of the race come through”.