Remco Evenepoel is ready before his first Grand Tour

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Remco Evenepoel is ready before his first Grand Tour

Remco Evenepoel is waiting for the Giro d'Italia soon. The 21-year-old driver had an accident last year at a race in Il Lombardy. Now, after almost 10 months, he is returning to the track, and it will certainly not be easy for him "It's going to be weird the first days.

But yeah, you know, we are all professional cyclists. So this is our job and the difficult days, you have to take them and you have to get on with them." - Evenepoel said, as quoted by cycling news "I think you cannot prepare 100 percent for a race without racing.

But that is the risk that we took," he said in a virtual press conference on Wednesday. "I'm just happy to be at the start finally, again, almost ten months (sic) after the crash. My goal here is just to feel well in the bunch again and to have a lot of fun together with you guys because I've missed racing for too long."

"It also feels really good to be in this team, which had great success last year with João and also the other guys who did really amazing work."


Evenepoel did not have much time to follow his teammates, but rather worked on his return to the tracks "In the last couple of weeks and months, I had to work really hard to get back into the best shape possible," he said.

"The first time getting out of the bed was really, really painful ... it was the most painful moments in my life so far, or maybe the crash was also." He is finally happy to be back and looking forward to his first race Ten months without racing really can make you sad.

I mean, you are close to depression." "So I just want to enjoy it together with you guys have fun on the bike. And hopefully, we can make some great memories together. No matter if we have good results or you know, just make the best out of the race and enjoy our time together."

He is aware that it will not be easy for him "It's going to be a painful first race day with a time trial," he said. "I mean, I like to do a time trial, I train quite a lot on the time trial bike. I'm just going to go full gas for nine kilometres and then we'll see. Because if you have the world champion at the start it's always hard to beat that guy."