Chris Froome salbutamol case caused a conflict between UCI and WADA

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Chris Froome salbutamol case caused a conflict between UCI and WADA

Chris Froome salbutamol case was the main topic a few years ago. Froome who exceeded the permitted level of asthma drug, the UCI assessed that it did not happen after all. This was followed by quarrels between the UCI and WADA.

The presidents of both organizations felt that the other was to blame. However, to this day there are various theories related to this case "The UCI was the results management authority with exclusive jurisdiction over the case and all relevant elements at its disposal.

If the UCI… disagreed with Wada's position, it was under no obligation to espouse it,” Reedie, WADA’s then president said "It is with regret that we have observed apparent attempts on the part of the UCI to divest itself of any responsibility for the decision”.

But UCI President David Lappartient did not remain deaf to it, and responded "[The UCI] even accepted Wada's requests to remove elements of the decision which would put Wada in an uncomfortable position."

"The fact the UCI 'did not attribute [its] decision to any systemic failing' was not because it does not have concerns about your salbutamol regime, but rather because it elected not to air these in a written document sent to an athlete," Lappartient wrote.

Froome spoke out

“[I was] happy to do that for WADA on the understanding that your organisation would then support the UCI in justifying what, to the public, is a very difficult decision to understand. “[WADA] appears to be placing full responsibility for the decision squarely on the UCI's shoulders.

We both know very well who took the initiative of closing this case and the reasons why." "It is disappointing to see that your organisation is not taking responsibility on the ground that technically the decision had to be taken by the UCI."

Froome also spoke out and said that both sides should consolidate and that they should work together to improve doping prevention. "It seems that the UCI had concerns about Wada's salbutamol regime. It would be fairer to athletes if those concerns were tackled, rather than allowing the regime to continue in its current form simply to save Wada from embarrassment and potential legal liability from innocent athletes who have been wrongly prosecuted.

"Mr Froome hopes that the UCI and Wada have been working to improve the salbutamol regime and to reduce the risk of innocent athletes being wrongly accused of falling foul of it."