Mark Cavendish is grateful to his team for reviving his career

"Deceuninck – Quick-Step is special, it’s a family. We win together and we lose together.”

by Sead Dedovic
Mark Cavendish is grateful to his team for reviving his career

Mark Cavendish has been written off by many. They felt that his time had passed and that he could not be at the former level. However, the Belgian team Deceuninck-Quick-Step decided to give him a chance, which turned out to be a great move.

Cavendish won 4 stages at the Tour of Turkey and is grateful for the chance “I have so much to say thank you for,” Cavendish wrote, reflecting on his recent success in Turkey in a blog post on the Belgian team’s website, as quoted by cricbuzz “The Tour of Turkey is not the Tour de France, but just to win again after some years of physical and psychological difficulties is something special.

To be able to do it with The Wolfpack is a dream come true." "Raising my hands is super emotional, as I felt a lot of people had just given up on me over the last years. But Patrick believed in me, I owe him so much. He is my hero”.

There were rumors that Cavendish might be on France de Tour but he didn't want to talk about it "Now I’m at home and it feels really nice to spend some time with my family after having been away for so many weeks,” he writes.

“I’ll work towards my next races now. I want to help the team where and when is possible and enjoy every day on the bike with The Wolfpack, because whatever comes from now on is a bonus”.

Finish line

There was great relief and happiness in Cavendish after he first went through the finish line “It was incredible coming over the finish line first, something I’ve missed for three years,” Cavendish writes.

"I hadn’t won four stages in a race since the 2016 Tour de France. It's a crazy statement, because there are very few riders in history that could talk about winning four stages in a race. But just winning a race, that’s all I wanted to do once more.

“We had a great week and enjoyed ourselves. We can’t complain about winning half of the stages. It’s amazing seeing the guys work for me and afterward celebrating together. Especially Fabio, having done this Tour of Turkey with him is incredible." He once again emphasized how grateful he is to the team and that there is cohesion in the team "I remember him as a neo-pro, I’ve seen him grow.

I was there in Poland last year and to have him in the team with us now is great, it’s a big step to see him back in the bunch after what happened. “The pride for me that he was involved in the four wins is enormous. Deceuninck – Quick-Step is special, it’s a family. We win together and we lose together”.

Mark Cavendish