Groenewegen is mentally ready before the race and aware of what awaits him

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Groenewegen is mentally ready before the race and aware of what awaits him

Dylan Groenewegen is back on the bike lanes after a 9-month suspension he received for causing an accident in which Fabio Jakobsen suffered serious injuries. Groenewegen, however, feels a slight dose of nervousness because of the fans and wonders how much they will accept his return .

“Some people will respond well to my return, some people may find it difficult that I am riding the Giro. I accept everyone’s emotions," Groenewegen said in a news report by Sporza. "I have trained well in recent weeks, so my level is really good.

The only question is how it will go mentally in a race. How will I react to a peloton? It is always nervous. And how will the peloton react to me?” The accident happened last year, on August 5th. Jakobsen was after that in an induced coma.

Groenewegen wanted to apologize even though he was aware of what a mistake he had made. His apology was accepted by Jakobsen's father "The first contact was with his father. I had sent a message to Fabio's father out of interest and received a friendly reply.

I thought that was very decent," Groenewegen said, with Sporza confirming the two riders met two weeks ago. "We sat opposite each other in a small room in Amsterdam. We both got to unburden our hearts a bit. It was a nice conversation, but I prefer to keep the content to myself."


Groenewegen is aware of how much pressure many will have. After the accident, he received many hate messages and also used the 9-month period to talk to his psychologist. "I accept everyone's emotions.

It can't get any worse than the past few months,” he said. "I have spoken a lot with a psychologist. I am prepared for negative reactions." The day after the accident, Groenewegen spoke to the public “I hate what happened yesterday.

I can't find the words to describe how sorry I am for Fabio”. It seems that both of them managed to recover from the mental physical consequences that happened and it seems that Jakobsen will still get over everything that happened.

''That has now happened, and it is very nice for him and for me. It also makes it a bit easier for him to talk to me," he said in a Wielerflits report. "As sportsmen, we are now looking ahead again." Groenewegen will now have to work mostly on mental strength because of everything that awaits him, but he looks like a great fighter and we hope that situations like this will not happen again in cycling.