Chris Froome does not expect to be among the passengers for the Olympic Games


Chris Froome does not expect to be among the passengers for the Olympic Games
Chris Froome does not expect to be among the passengers for the Olympic Games

Chris Froome is preparing for the Tour de France and will soon have a race in Switzerland as part of his preparations. Froome had an accident in 2019 and has not recorded very good results since then. Chris, who once won bronze medals at the Olympics, is still unsure whether he will be among the four cyclists to go to the Olympics.

“I think everything depends on getting back to that former level,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport at the Tour of the Alps, as quoted by cycling news “In this condition, I can quite happily say that I wouldn’t deserve a spot [in Tokyo] but obviously I’m still hopeful that my condition improves before the Tour de France and therefore before the Olympics." Froome also spoke to COVID-19 as well as the signature for the Israel Start-Up Nation “I think this was the foundation of the discussion when it came to joining Israel Start-Up Nation.

It was a commitment to the end of my career and potentially even beyond that, to work on building a Grand Tour programme and the foundations of a team that can compete for victory at the Tour de France. "Personally, I love the sport, I’d love to stay involved in the sport after my racing career." "This would be an option for me, to continue with ISN.

Obviously, when we get closer to that time, we’ll discuss it further but my focus is now on trying to get back to my former level and working hard to get to that point”.

Former level

Although he still cannot return to his former level, Froome believes that it takes time and patience for something like that.

"I love doing what I’m doing. I love it even more when I’m in front and how it was in the years before my crash." "Of course, I take a lot of joy from the victories but I still have a lot of passion, I still enjoy racing even though I’m finishing on the other side of the peloton at the moment.

So no, it wouldn’t change my appetite to continue,” he said. "I’m still training just as hard, I’m putting in the hours. I’m not seeing the same numbers in training as I did previously, but I’ve just got to trust in the process." " I’ve got to trust that working hard will bear results eventually.

Obviously, I had the big accident a couple of years ago and I still haven’t come back to my former level since then." Also Froome was unlucky due to the advent of COVID "And then we had the Covid time away from racing straight on the back of this period of trying to come back into professional cycling so for me it was over a year away from the highest level of racing and I think that time away from high-level racing compounded the effects of my injury.

" "So it’s been a longer journey than I expected but I’m certainly hopeful that if I keep following the process, keep working hard, keep doing the altitude training camps, and putting in all the work that’s required, eventually things are going to click for me and I’m going to wake up feeling more like my old self again."