Wout van Aert even after crossing the finish line didn't know if he had won

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Wout van Aert even after crossing the finish line didn't know if he had won

Wout van Aert won the Amstel Gold Race race. However, something happened to him that has not happened so far. After passing the finish line he still didn’t know if he had won. Anyway, he was later told on the radio that he had won.

But after looking at the footage on the screen, he still wasn't sure about it. “It was super tight because after the finish I didn’t know, actually,” Van Aert said afterwards, as quoted by cyclingnews “A few moments later they said on the radio that I won, but another few moments later I saw some images on the big screen so then I was in doubt again."

"It took until the jury came into the changing room and said it was sure. It was just super tight. I never had something like this before”. Pidcock was better at Brabantse Pijl, and many felt that van Aert underestimated him.

Yet van Aert denies such a thing. “The only thing I learned [from Brabantse Pijl] is never to underestimate him, but I don’t think I did that on Wednesday; I just did a bad sprint myself,” Van Aert said. “Today was a different sprint, more high speed and flat, so I knew it was in my favour.

But if you see how close he is, he’s a big opponent and he’s really strong for a little guy”.


In Cauberg, van Aert had a difficult situation. Nevertheless, he managed to reach the desired goal in spite of everything “On the top of the last time up the Cauberg, it was definitely not an ideal situation; three guys from Ineos are hard to battle against,” Van Aert said.

“But I think without the mechanical of Primo┼ż, we would have been there with two of us and that would have been for sure a better situation, but until that point, we were in control always”. Van Aert is pleased with his success, and congratulated the other guys on the team in the race.

Their togetherness is very noticeable “Everybody looked at us from the beginning of the race and we took our responsibility,” Van Aert said. “Like always it was a huge team performance. The guy who finishes it off takes all the attention but it’s also a big thanks to all the guys”.

Van Aert also revealed what he will do after the race “I’ll throw a little party tonight and then take a nice week off the bike,” he said.