Kyle Murphy’s disqualification caused frustration in Rally Cycling

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Kyle Murphy’s disqualification caused frustration in Rally Cycling

Kyle Murphy didn’t have too much luck at GP Indurain. Murphy was disqualified for dropping an empty energy gel wrapper outside of a designated waste zone He believes he is not guilty, and that it happened by accident after he wanted to put it in his pocket "I don’t think what happened here was fair at all," Rally Director Patrick McCarty told Cyclingnews.

"My perspective on it is I think the intent behind the rule is very good - bike racing can do a lot more to be environmentally friendly - but the pragmatics of the rule are problematic." “Kyle is probably one of the most environmentally-friendly riders in the peloton,” he said.

McCarty believes it was too late for anything, and that the decision could not be changed “At that point, what can you do? You can’t go back to the commissaires. It was done. Even if I wanted to make an argument against it, it was done," McCarty said.

“Kyle apologised to me and he wanted to apologise to the race. He’s just one of those guys. Some guys might have been frustrated or angry but he felt bad - he felt bad that the team suffered”. “I was really, really disappointed at how basically we were served the first penalty for this.

For an American ProConti team, we’re always kind of treated like the little guy." "I hate to say it, but I just feel like this was an easy way for the UCI to enforce their new rule," he said.

McCarty is frustrated

McCarty expected it to be different on the first day of the new rules and looked very frustrated by such a decision “I’ve worked with this commissaire before and I have respect for him, and what I understood from what he said before the race was that there would be some fair discretion on the first day of the new rules."

"But when I think about it, it’s like ‘OK, it’s Rally, it’s not a big team, it’s not Valverde, it’s not someone who’s going to create a lot of issues in the press, here’s an easy way for me to enforce the rules and I’m going to make the call right now.'

“Kyle was maybe one of our better guys in the race, and it’s just frustrating. All the money we spend to get our guys over here, the COVID testing, following the rules and doing everything right." "All the things smaller teams are trying to do to get better and prove ourselves… we’re fighting tooth and nail for any kind of result we can get and then we get yanked out of the race like this. It kind of leaves you wondering… the sport can be a little frustrating and backward at times."