Tour of Poland: Jakobsen's conditions are very serious

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Tour of Poland: Jakobsen's conditions are very serious

Fabio Jakobsen is in very serious conditions after the terrible crash during the sprint of the first stage of the Tour of Poland. A frightening carambola triggered by Dylan Groenewegen which involved many runners. Among these, the Dutchman who was transported to the hospital: he was induced the pharmacological coma and is intubated.

"We have done everything possible. The conditions are critical because Jakobsen has a severe head injury. It is life threatening. The fall caused the palate and respiratory tract to be crushed but was intubated and immediately taken to the hospital.

The problem is that he has lost so much blood. Despite this he is alive, he is with us and we hope to win this battle," said race doctor Dr. Barbara Jerschina. Groenewegen started in the head to launch the sprint, changed trajectory towards the barriers by closing Jakobsen who was in a comeback: the Dutch runner flew on the barriers triggering a domino effect that caused many other runners to fall.

A second person would also be involved with Jakobsen. It would be a photographer, also in serious condition. Meanwhile Patrick Lefevere, general manager of the Deceuninck Quick-Step where Jakobsen runs, reacts harshly: "They have to put that Jumbo-Visma runner in jail"

And then on social media he adds: "I will take him to court, his behavior is a crime, there is no room for similar actions in cycling" At just twenty years of age, Remco Evenepoel shows that he has a great character and tweets with harshness: "Some runners should be disqualified for life.

Damn! Shame on you!!!"

Giro d'Italia 2020 will start from Sicily

Giro d'Italia 2020 will start on Saturday 3 October with the 1st stage, an individual time trial Monreale-Palermo.. Sunday 4 October from Alcamo to Agrigento (150 km), with a finisseur final.

The 3rd fraction, Enna-Etna of 150 km, will be the first arrival in altitude of the Giro, Monday 5 October. An unprecedented climb, already partially climbed in 2011, attacked from the north to reach Piano Provenzana. Tuesday 6 October last stop on the island, with the 4th fraction from Catania to Villafranca Tirrena.

Nello Musumeci, president of Sicily, said: "We wanted this departure so much, thanks to the collaboration relationship with Rcs Sport and the four-year agreement made in 2019. The Giro will marry with incomparable architectural beauties and Sicily is a candidate to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

We return to the leading role a popular sport such as cycling, which has an ancient tradition on our island. Here there are thousands of fans. And then there will be our Nibali, a reason for pride, an icon, for us Sicilians, ambassador of sport in the world, and we are truly grateful to him. The Giro will be surrounded by affection and great passion."