Matteo Jorgenson: ""Disc brakes are definitely more dangerous than rim brakes"

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Matteo Jorgenson: ""Disc brakes are definitely more dangerous than rim brakes"

There has been a lot of talk lately about disc brakes among cycling fans. Most think they are dangerous and can bring a lot of problems, while some advocate for them. Matteo Jorgenson is one of the victims of disc brakes and he felt their consequences "They are definitely more dangerous than rim brakes," Jorgenson said, as quoted by cyclingnews "They're an exposed piece of the bike that gets super hot, especially in a bike race.

They can cause damage if they happen to land on a rider in a specific way, and it depends just by chance, on how they touch a rider. Especially if you're on that side of the bike and you fall on top of a rider like I did."

However, he believes that despite their once poor safety, they are much better, and it is much easier to brake with them. He seems to be used to them, and he couldn't go back to the old way of braking "I didn't see much problem with rim brakes, I thought they were very good," Jorgensen explained.

"But last January I switched to a new bike with discs, and I was shocked at how much of a difference it makes. In a bike race, there's so much to be gained by being able to brake later.

Disc brakes are more consistent

"Disc brakes are very consistent, so when you pull the brake at first, it grabs just as much as 10 seconds later.

Whereas with a rim brake, especially in the rain, you pull it and it starts to heat up, and then you get either less or sometimes it grabs more depending on the pad type." "It's very inconsistent, you have to kind of think through it while you're braking.

If you're braking quite hard into a corner, you have to try and anticipate how much more you can brake." "I'd definitely be at a disadvantage [to return to rim brakes]. I notice it in a race where guys have to start braking earlier because they have rim brakes and they can't slow down as fast and I can come round them."

Jorgensen is against the new things they want to introduce and finds some things very difficult to implement I'm pretty against making more rules," he said. "A cover could be a good idea, but I think we'd have to see more incidents of crashes with disc brakes affecting people.

I think there have been so few incidents at this point that making a rule, such as mandatory rotor covers, would be a lot. I think people would be against it and it would be difficult to implement."