Kelderman and Schillinger described how they felt after the accident in Italy

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Kelderman and Schillinger described how they felt after the accident in Italy

Accidents have been common in cycling lately. This time the car was hit by seven cyclists, among whom Kelderman and Schillinger were the most injured. Both had more serious injuries but the situation with their health seems to be much better now.

Kelderman who had a great season and who is getting better and better announced via Instagram about his situation. He showed how great a person he is by wishing his colleague Schillinger a recovery, and we all hope that they will both return soon.

"Thanks for all the messages and support," he wrote. "Considering the circumstances, I'm doing fine, will be some weeks off to let the neck fracture heal up. "But one thing I know, I will fight back and come back strong.

Also a speedy recovery to my Bora-Hansgrohe mates who were also involved in the accident." Schillinger spoke to radsportnews and it seems that the situation could have been much worse and that the helmet was the one that helped him "In my helmet, you can see the cut from a chainring," he said.

"The helmet saved my life.

Schillinger is in pain

Schillinger seems to be in severe pain and unable to function without pain medication. Now the most important thing for Schillinger is to be patient and wait for a full recovery so that he can return as soon as possible.

"At the moment I can't imagine I'll be able to race again by then. I'm letting everything happen and waiting for the result from Hamburg. The most important thing is that I get pain-free again and for everything to heal completely."

"Up there, they will take another close look at the findings," Schillinger said. "I will have to wait and see what comes out of it. At the moment, I'm in quite a lot of pain." Schillinger also described what it looked like.

The situation is certainly strange and it is unthinkable for that to happen. The woman who was driving the car did not brake and after that, she hit 8 cyclists. Fortunately for her, no one suffered life-threatening injuries "We were on a long, slightly downhill, straight at about 40-45kph," he said.

"The car drove across the road without braking, and we didn't have a chance. I saw it, but the car was probably going 30-40kph. "That was unbelievable, driving onto a big road without stopping. And at that moment, there was no other car driving on the other side of the road, so she hit us full on. After that, the woman was in full shock."