Caleb Ewan: "Generally, the crashes are because of the riders"

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Caleb Ewan: "Generally, the crashes are because of the riders"

Caleb Ewan commented on the accident at the Tour of Poland where Groenewegen is one of the main culprits for the accident that Fabio Jakobsen suffered. Groenewegen has been banned and will not return to the track until May this year "The first thing I am going to say, when you decide to be a sprinter, you know sprinting is not the safest thing in the world.

Every sprinter you see has accepted that. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a 10-lane road, sprinting is going to be dangerous,” Ewan told the media before departing for a pre-season training camp, as quoted by cycling weekly “I think it will be hard for him to come back into the bunch, not because of other riders, but because of himself.

Maybe he will be a little more nervous than he was before. He was dominant in the way he was sprinting." "I don’t know Dylan so well, maybe he’s a guy it doesn’t affect him so much and it will be business as usual.

Maybe he could be a very sensitive guy, and it will never be business as usual for him again. I really don’t know him that well to comment on that."

Ewan thinks he still couldn’t stand such a thing

“If it was me, it would be quite mentally hard to rejoin the bunch.

You have seen on social media, you see a lot of negative stuff about him, that would also be hard”. Cycling accidents are an integral part of such a sport. Mostly the responsible ones are the cyclists themselves and Evans has the same opinion “Generally, the crashes are because of the riders, not because of the barriers.

If you crash into the barriers it is usually because another rider has moved you into the barrier. I’m not scared of barriers. If anything, you’re scared of other riders moving in a way that you wouldn’t want them to."

"It’s been the same since I was a junior. There are always going to be riders who are going to come off their line. They’ve become a lot more strict on that the last few years about riders coming off their line.

“If you go down the barrier with a small gap, you know there is a risk if the rider comes off his line, you might end up in the barrier. All sprinters have taken that sprint in their careers. That’s just part of sprinting.

If you crash into a barrier, it’s probably not going to be great”. Evans has set his goals for 2021, which he hopes will achieve "My big goal for 2021 is to win stages in all three grand tours in one year.

There haven’t been too many people who’ve done it in the history of cycling, so that’s my big goal,” Ewan revealed. “Sometimes it seems like a good idea at the beginning of the season, but after the Tour, the thought of riding the bike again can be a bit daunting. If I can get through the Giro and the Tour with wins, then I will seriously consider doing the Vuelta”.