Fabio Jakobsen revealed the details of his accident

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Fabio Jakobsen revealed the details of his accident

Fabio Jakobsen had a terrible bicycle accident at the 2020 Tour de Pologne. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper AD, he talked about what happened before and after "For most riders it was the first race after the corona break.

I was familiar with the track, I had raced it the year before. Left, right, then straight through Katowice. The finish line was where it always was: on a descending slope." "I remember I was in good spirits during the race.

I can see myself waving at my mate Julius [van den Berg], who was riding in the leading group. And that I raced towards the last kilometre right behind my teammates Davide Ballerini and Florian Sénéchal. That is the last thing I remember.

Everything after that is a blank”. His girlfriend Dolore was talking about how it all looked on TV where she was watching Fabio “The last ten kilometres always make me nervous, when the jostling begins. I always go and do something else.

I keep listening to the race, but I need some kind of distraction. That day it was the same. I was doing something else until the moment my dad shouted from the kitchen that Fabio was in front and winning." "So I hurried back to watch.

I saw him sprinting, swerving, and before I knew it he was in the roadside barriers. It all happened so quickly. In the replay I saw him crash into a man and into the finish barrier, his helmet flying from his head. I knew: this is bad.

I rang team doctor Yvan Vanmol but he couldn’t tell me anything, except that Fabio was unconscious." "On Twitter I only read horror stories. I couldn’t do anything but sit by the TV, praying that he wouldn’t die.

After half an hour I packed a suitcase for Poland. Later that same night my phone rang. The team doctor." "I let it ring for a while, afraid to answer. I was so afraid that the news was going to be bad, that Fabio was gone”.

Fabio revealed what happened

Fabio revealed what it all looked like. At one point, his colleague Florian approached him and helped him “My teammate Florian put his bike against a fence and rushed to my aid. He saw me lying on the tarmac, surrounded by collapsed barriers.

There was blood everywhere. The bystanders did nothing – they were too shocked by the sight of me." "Florian noticed I was choking in my own blood. I was unable to move, he saw the panic in my eyes. In a reflex he lifted my head a little, so that the blood could pour from my mouth and throat.

After that I calmed down, he said later. That’s all he can remember, his memory stops there." "TV footage shows him crying, just moments later. In the days after the crash he was full of doubt. Was it okay to move my head knowing there was a risk of a spinal cord lesion? It was like choosing between pest and cholera; he chose the lesser of two evils."

"I was also very lucky that UAE team doctor Dirk Tenner jumped out of his car to help. He used to be an E.R. doctor. He took control of the situation until the rescue helicopter arrived”.