Mark Donovan pleased with his first season

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Mark Donovan pleased with his first season

Mark Donovan is one of the most promising cyclists at the moment. He had a great season behind him and with his talent and effort, many more successful ones await him. In an interview with cycling news, he talked about many things like his motive for the sport, his idols, and more.

Cycling is not as a popular sport as many others, but Donovan says that he started doing this sport in a very strange way "It was a bit of a strange start for me. I started out as a runner but picked up a bit of an injury in my heels so I switched to cyclo-cross for the first few years as an under-16 rider and then junior."

"Then I got into Zappi’s junior team in the UK and got to do some really good racing out in Europe and especially Spain, Belgium, and France. I did some guest rides for teams, too, and I guess I impressed enough to get into the Wiggins team and that was perfect for a U23 rider like me.

There was lots of racing in Europe and lots of races with climbs."


As children, we all have idols in the sport we play, including Donovan. Asked if Wiggins was his hero he replied: "Definitely. I never really watched much racing when I was younger and growing up.

But when I started to take things a bit more seriously and was racing as a junior, that was the time when around 2012 when he was winning the Tour de France and the Olympics." "It was perfect timing, really. Four or five years down the line I was joining his team.

I got to meet him a few times at races and training camps. 2020 was a very strange year for sports, Donovan had to find his way among the big names in his first season "It was good actually. Obviously, it’s been a bit of a strange one.

I didn’t really know what to expect going into a normal season, let alone a corona season. It’s been interesting and I’ve just had to see how things go" "I think it’s been a case of that throughout the year.

I didn’t have any big expectations coming into the year other than just step up to WorldTour and when races started back up later in the year it was just about getting stuck in."