Jeffrey Hoogland Smashes 10-Year 1km Record in Mexico


Jeffrey Hoogland Smashes 10-Year 1km Record in Mexico
Jeffrey Hoogland Smashes 10-Year 1km Record in Mexico © Maja Hitij/Getty Images Sport

In an astounding display of speed and endurance, track sprinting sensation Jeffrey Hoogland etched his name in the history books, breaking a decade-old 1km time trial world record. Hoogland completed the four-lap feat in a jaw-dropping 55.433 seconds at the Velodromo Bicentenario in Aguascalientes, Mexico, this past Tuesday.

From the get-go, Hoogland was on track to shatter the previous record, gaining a half-second advantage at the midway point and stretching it to an eight-tenths lead as he crossed the finish line, much to the delight of his supporters and teammates.

The Dutch cyclist's achievement breaks the longstanding record set by France's François Pervis in December 2013, a record that has been a pinnacle in track cycling for a decade. Hoogland had previously come close to breaking the record and finally seized the moment after clinching his fourth Kilo world title in Glasgow earlier in the year.

Legacy Solidified: Hoogland Triumphs

Though visibly exhausted post-race, Hoogland's achievement resonated through his brief celebration and words to the media. "I'm not sure I've fully comprehended it yet. It hurts all over, but breaking the world record, that's why I'm here.

Being nearly a second faster is just incredible," Hoogland shared, reflecting on his monumental accomplishment. As a renowned figure in the 1km time trial, Hoogland's world record solidifies his position in a legendary Dutch men's sprint generation alongside Harrie Lavreysen.

Hoogland’s quest for a lasting legacy in the sport was evident as he expressed his desire to have his name etched at the top of the starting list for years to come, creating a legacy that will outlive his career.

A Collective Triumph: Gratitude

Hoogland’s victory was not just a solo feat; he acknowledged the immense support and sacrifice from his coaches, staff, and family.

"Recently, everything has been leading up to this moment. I wanted to leave a permanent mark on the sport with a world record, and achieving that feels incredible. I am immensely grateful to all the partners who made this possible," Hoogland expressed gratitude.

Looking ahead, Hoogland has his sights set on further glory as he prepares for another world record attempt in the 200 meters with a flying start, a record currently held by Nicholas Paul. Despite the Kilo being dropped from the Olympic programme, Hoogland’s ambitions remain sky-high as he aims to defend the Dutch Team Sprint title and chase medals in the individual sprint and keirin at the upcoming Paris Olympics.