Egan Bernal to defend his title at the Tour de France

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Egan Bernal to defend his title at the Tour de France

Egan Bernal, who is defending his title at the Tour de France, says that he does not yet know what form he is in and that he will have to check it out. "I train for that but it is a different year, completely different.

We have not competed and for the moment what I want is to go to Andorra and see what level I am in. Then enjoy the races that will take place before the Tour. There we will look at what level I am, at what level are my colleagues.

I think that will start from there," Bernal said, as quoted by cycling news "The best thing is to go step by step, not get too far ahead of what may happen and just be here and now. Right now it is to go to the camp, see what level I am on.

I haven't competed in a long time, nobody has. It is a different season but we must have our feet on the ground. We are going through a very difficult moment and we must try to do things well so that everything turns out well."

The season was interrupted in March due to the Coronavirus. Due to the pandemic, flights were also postponed. However, Bernal received approval to return to Europe. "I believe that no one expected a pandemic to come and affect everyone, not just cyclists but the world in general.

There are quite a few sectors that have been affected. No one expected something similar but you have to face it with maturity, try of doing things well, so that together we can get ahead," Bernal said.

Bernal will return to Andorra where he will adapt to new rules that will prevent coronavirus infection

"We have to try to make the best of these moments.

Now I am going to be with my team in Andorra, we are going to try to enjoy this because it has been a while since we have had a camp and we have not had contact with other cyclists. With all the measures of security we will try to enjoy this camp," Bernal said.

"I don't know if there will be a before and after, I don't want to get ahead of things," he said. "I think the teams, the International Cycling Union and everyone are working very hard so that this can be done in the best way.

But we don't know how long it will last, if there will be a vaccine or not. It will depend on many things, so I'm not the one who can say that."