Caleb Ewan's Retro Triumph: Confidence Sparks with Jayco-AlUla!


Caleb Ewan's Retro Triumph: Confidence Sparks with Jayco-AlUla!
Caleb Ewan's Retro Triumph: Confidence Sparks with Jayco-AlUla! © Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images Sport

In the high-octane world of cycling, confidence is paramount, especially for a sprinter. Caleb Ewan, a name synonymous with speed and agility, seems to have found his sanctuary with Jayco-AlUla. Matt White, the Director of Racing at Jayco-AlUla, is optimistic about Ewan rediscovering his peak form with the Australian outfit.

Ewan's journey in the 2023 Tour de France with his then-team Lotto-Dstny and his new home at Jayco-AlUla paints a vivid picture of contrasts. Exiting the grueling mountainous leg on stage 13, Ewan faced sharp criticism from the Belgian team. In stark contrast, Jayco-AlUla viewed his Tour de France performance as a testament to Ewan's standing among the world's elite sprinters.

White remarked to Wielerflits, “Even though he hasn't had the most triumphant year, his Tour de France performance showcased his competitiveness. Sprinting thrives on confidence – in your team and the support system around you.”

Ewan's Triumphs and Trials

Ewan's initial stint with the Belgian team was marked by ten victories, including two Giro d’Italia stages and three in his inaugural Tour de France. However, the relationship soured, with CEO Stéphane Heulot expressing his wish for Ewan to move on post-2023, stating, “He's immensely talented, but it's time to part ways if he's not showcasing that with us.”

Despite a solitary win in 2023, the 29-year-old Sydney native boasts 60 career victories. Remarkably, nearly half of these triumphs were during his tenure with the Australian team, where his journey began. His return is seen with much anticipation.

White elaborated, “Our history with Caleb is rich. He began with our development team and turned professional here. We've celebrated numerous successes together, and we aim to recreate those golden moments.”

Ewan's switch back to an Australian setting, emphasized by Jayco-AlUla's heartwarming welcome video, underscores the theme of the prodigal son's return.

However, with Dylan Groenewegen, the lead sprinter for Jayco-AlUla over the past two years, already in the mix, questions arise about the duo's synergy. White, however, is unperturbed. “It's a win-win. Both will have distinct lead-out teams and clear programs, ensuring no overlaps,” he assured.

In the world of cycling, where every second counts, Ewan's return to Jayco-AlUla promises thrilling times ahead.