Sepp Kuss and Remco Evenepoel Spotted in Unreleased Oakleys!

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Sepp Kuss and Remco Evenepoel Spotted in Unreleased Oakleys!
Sepp Kuss and Remco Evenepoel Spotted in Unreleased Oakleys! © Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images Sport

The Vuelta a España, the thrilling culmination of the cycling Grand Tour season, concluded in dramatic fashion as Kaden Groves secured a breathtaking sprint victory in the heart of Madrid. This climactic event followed three grueling weeks of intense competition, ultimately resulting in Sepp Kuss emerging as the triumphant champion, albeit not without its fair share of compelling twists and turns.

Throughout the Vuelta, we have closely examined cutting-edge cycling technology, shedding light on Ineos Grenadiers' remarkable £1000 hubs and the unveiling of a new, featherweight Bianchi model, both of which have stirred the cycling community.

In a surprising turn of events, our keen eyes spotted the race's victor, Sepp Kuss, donning what appears to be a strikingly innovative iteration of Oakley's Encoder sunglasses. These distinctive shades bear a resemblance to the existing Encoder model, distinguished by their signature arm design, yet they introduce a captivating twist—a considerably larger, vented lens.

Curiously, this particular lens variant remains conspicuously absent from Oakley's official website, leading us to speculate whether it might be a forthcoming release or a prototype specially commissioned for this race. The significantly enlarged vent in the lens suggests a potential emphasis on enhanced airflow, a feature that would have undoubtedly been appreciated during the demanding, slow-speed climbs witnessed in this year's Tour of Spain.

Oakley's Next-Gen Encoder Innovations

Oakley's Encoder sunglasses previously secured the top spot in our comprehensive guide to the best cycling sunglasses, following rigorous testing. Characterized by their one-piece, lightweight design, these sunglasses boast non-interchangeable lenses, albeit with Oakley's customary array of diverse lens options.

While the Vented Strike variant for the Encoder model has been available for some time, sporting six smaller top vents, the enigmatic models seen on the riders seem to take innovation to a new echelon. These prototypes feature a notably larger top lens vent, coupled with an additional slender section of lens situated above it, promising unprecedented performance.

Notably, Remco Evenepoel was observed wearing a pair of black and blue sunglasses for podium ceremonies, opting for the Sutro Lite Sweep models during racing. In contrast, Kuss sported a pair characterized by black arms and red lenses, harmonizing seamlessly with his coveted red leader's jersey during the latter stages of the race.

As we await official confirmation from Oakley regarding these intriguing sunglasses, the cycling world eagerly anticipates whether a new, groundbreaking Oakley Encoder model is on the horizon, poised to revolutionize the sport's eyewear landscape. Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to delve into the evolving world of cycling technology and gear.

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