Adam Blythe on Mark Cavendish: He is the GOAT


Adam Blythe on Mark Cavendish: He is the GOAT

There have been a number of reactions following the announcement by Mark Cavendish that he will retire from the sport at the end of the year. A great deal of sadness has been felt by fans of this cyclist as he ends a career of such a high level.

It is important to note, however, that they are not the only ones who are sad. There is no doubt that he earned the respect of a great majority of his fellow cyclists because of his outstanding career. Eurosport expert Adam Blythe believes that Cavendish is the greatest of all time.

Blythe has enormous respect for Cavendish and his successful career.
“He is the GOAT. He’s the greatest sprinter of all time for me and a great friend,” -Blythe said, as quoted by
“I think it’s his time to stop now, he’s been so successful.

One year of his career would make a whole rider’s career, never mind all the other wins he’s had.
He’s just a phenomenon and one of a kind. I don’t think we’ll see anyone like Cavendish in the years to come”.

Mark Cavendish and race

The career of Cavendish is really one for the movies. A lot has been accomplished in the career of this amazing cyclist. It was mentioned by Blythe that Cavendish has not been able to win a race since June 2022.

There are still two sprint stages left in the race, and Cavendish could be motivated to achieve a significant victory at this point.
“It’s going to be hard to get there but tomorrow is going to be a good day for him,” -added Blythe.
“But he’s a fighter and he’ll be buzzing now, he’ll be full of morale now he’s announced his retirement. I hope we can see a win from him”.

Mark Cavendish