Mark Cavendish retires at the end of this year!

Mark Cavendish will retire after 18 years on the big stage

by Sead Dedovic
Mark Cavendish retires at the end of this year!

British cycling legend Mark Cavendish, one of the most successful cyclists, surprised many after confirming that he will end his career at the end of 2023. Cavendish made his debut in 2005 and since then has racked up a huge number of successes in his long career.

During the press conference at the Giro d'Italia, Cavendish emphasized how much cycling has given him. He experienced many successes, beautiful moments and met a large number of people. ‘Cycling has been my life for over 25 years.

I’ve lived a dream,’ Cavendish said, as quoted by METRO. ‘It’s taught me so much about life, dedication, loyalty, sacrifice and perseverance – all important things to pass on now as a father. The bike has given me the opportunity to see the world and meet fantastic people.

I love the sport more than you can even imagine and I can’t see myself going too far from it, that’s for sure. When you understand it’s not forever, it’s easier to enjoy every feeling this sport has to offer."

Mark Cavendish and his family

After all, the most important thing for him is to dedicate himself to his family and his 5-year-old son.

He wants to spend as much time as possible with them, be there for them as they grow up, and influence them to become good people. ‘Today is my son Casper’s fifth birthday, fortunately it’s a rest day and I can spend his birthday with him.

I think it’s important now that I can be there for every birthday for my wife Peta and all our children. It’s important I can see all their school concerts and support them in their sporting competitions and it’s important I can run around with them without fear of injury or getting sick." Cavendish goes to a well-deserved retirement. We enjoyed watching him all these years, but he had to say goodbye after so many years on the big stage.

Mark Cavendish